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What is Ask Technology?

Ask is a middleware technology platform that uses information abstraction to provide secure verification of identity or transaction data. Ask provides a shared, friendly dashboard-driven framework between data clients and telecom companies. Clients can implement one data query API that works across multiple sources, increasing access while reducing implementation costs. Telecom providers gain access to a greater number of clients and improved segmentation of data, while reducing or eliminating the requirements for marketing, system on-boarding and account management.

How does Ask work?

An Ask query contains one or more pieces of data that need to be verified for accuracy. The API is enabled to work with any use case. Example data sources can include names, addresses, and/or phone numbers or usage history. Additional data sources can be added at any time. Queries are accepted from identifiable sources (trusted aggregators) and are compared against secure telecom data sources. The data returned to the aggregator or client consists only of a heuristic metric indicating the quality and accuracy of the query data.

Why Ask?

Enhanced Security

Ask is a protective buffer between the outside world, and the secure systems that hold user data. It is intended to be a one-way barrier, accepting data from the real world and only providing yes or no answers back. This limits the potential for fraudulent activity from connected clients. To reduce this risk, current telecoms significantly limit the number of companies that they are willing to work with on privacy sensitiveuse cases.

Market Opportunities

By eliminating external access to data, telecoms are now confident to freely work with numerous clients.

API Client Service

  • Optional service to free up internal resources and support growth
  • The strength of a technical team with customer service experience
  • BridgeGateData can handle customer interactions for API implementation

Guaranteed Privacy

In today’s security conscious world, regulators are becoming increasingly involved in privacy decisions. An
Ask implementation answers the concerns about securing privacy, monitoring access, and protecting data.

Ask Features

Feature Standard
Query Creator
  • Customize data field scoring
  • Control return values
Automated Usage Reporting undefined
Easy Client Management
  • Create client
  • Manage access credentials
Consent Requirement Tracking undefined
Transaction Volume Control
  • Rate limits
  • total limit
Security Policy
  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
System Notifications by Email and Text undefined
Dashboard Control   undefined
Automated Billing   Optional

Ask Flexibility